Fanavaran Sanat Bardsir Company

Fanavaran Sanat Bardsir Company


Fanavaran Sanat Bardsir Company started its activity in 2009 in order to produce industrial rubber parts and rubber coatings, and since 2011 it has also started construction of various types of metal structures.

The company, in collaboration with experienced specialists, has started its activities by using appropriate equipment and machinery in the following fields.

  • Production of various types of industrial rubber parts
  • Production and implementation of various types of rubber lining
  • Production and sale of compound types
  • Production and manufacture of all kinds of metal parts and equipment
  • Construction and production of various types of industrial metal structures

Some rubber production parts:

Some metal parts with rubber lining:

Some metal structure projects:

Some Features and Equipment:

  • 6-meter guillotine
  • 70 cm guillotine
  • CNC cutting machine
  • Radial drill, column, magnet
  • CO2 welding machine
  • Rectifier welding machine
  • Gate Crane
  • Forklift 3 tons and 10 tons
  • Airless paint machine, sandblasting machine
  • 60-ton scales
  • Control and laboratory facilities and equipment

Competitive Advantages:

  • Being close to large steel and industrial complexes in Sirjan and Kerman
  • Appropriate and efficient facilities and equipment for production of any requested piece and in large numbers
  • Experienced People
  • Production and delivery of parts in critical and emergency situations
  • Implementation of on-site work projects according to the needs of the Client and coordinated in the conditions of repairs and overhaul of factories
  • Production of parts in various sizes (1 kg to 1500 kg)

Major Customers:

  • Sirjan Iranian Steel Complex
  • Gol Gohar Sirjan Company
  • Sirjan Nazmavaran Company
  • Sirjan Gohar Ravesh Company
  • Zarand Iranian Steel Company
  • Kerman Jihad Nasr Company
  • Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex